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After the successful launch of our label nights, focusing on the genuine sound of some of the finest imprints, we decided to delve deeper into the artists and their music. Staying loyal to Rotterdam’s beloved Factory 010, we proudly present to you all-nighters: entire nights dedicated to one artist and his own signature sound.


Dax J

Dax J

Berlin based DJ, producer and label boss Dax J grew up listening to the UK sounds of Jungle, Drum n Bass and Garage. His passion for techno has dominated his powerful sound but his old Jungle influences are still evident in his DJ sets and productions.
Dax J – All Night Long
Date 2017-09-28
Time 00:00:00 / 07:00

For our first all-nighter, we are honoured to welcome the one and only Dax J, whose powerful and driving techno has been shaking up the global underground scene for a while now. His set at our 5-year anniversary at Maassilo was a killer, so we invited him for a longer rave in the more intimate setting of Factory 010.

Rotterdam is rave. Rotterdam is techno.