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Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

Axis Records|Purposemaker|Tresor Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills doesn't need any introduction. Starting in the early 1980s under the name The Wizard, he is recognized as one of the true pioneers of techno music. The founding member of the Detroit Techno collective Underground Resistance, Mills is now running his own label: Axis. In his DJ sets, The Wizard usually uses three or four decks, a Roland TR-909 drum-machine, and up to seventy records in one hour.
Jeff Mills – All Night Long
Date 2018-02-09
Time 23:55:00 / 06:00

After the successful launch of our label nights, focusing on the genuine sound of some of the finest imprints, we decided to delve deeper into the artists and their music. Staying loyal to Rotterdam’s beloved Factory 010, we proudly present to you all-nighters: entire nights dedicated to one artist and his own signature sound.

As a follow-up of our first all-nighter with Dax J, which sold out in three hours, we are proud to announce that ‘The Wizard’ himself will come to Factory010 to do his first ever all-nighter in Rotterdam. With over 20 years of experience, and known for his classic track ‘The Bells’, Jeff Mills is recognised as one of the true pioneers of techno music. Attending a 6-hour set of this genius can be seen as a once in a lifetime experience.

Rotterdam is rave. Rotterdam is techno.