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  • Can i bring my medication?

    If it is necessary to bring your medication to one of our events, you need to bring an official declaration of a doctor. In case of doubt, the security will check your medication and declaration. You can be asked to leave your medication at the first aid post.

  • Do I need to get tested or vaccinated to visit Rotterdam Rave events?

    There are currently no measures for events in the Netherlands. You don’t need to be vaccinated or tested to enter the site.

  • I bought a ticket, but why can’t I download the ticket?

    Rotterdam Rave works with new tickets. These tickets are called ‘sealed tickets’. Sealed tickets are tickets that can only be downloaded shortly before the event. Once the tickets are available for download, you will receive an email from Eventix. If you’ve purchased tickets for a group of people, you’ll be able to assign the tickets or send them to your friends once they are available for download.

    Rotterdam Rave changed to sealed tickets, because this makes life a bit harder for resellers and scammers. In this way the ticket sale will be saver and fairer. Besides the ‘sealed tickets’, Rotterdam Rave does the following to try to hold off resellers:

    • The amount of tickets per order for the first tranches are set to max two tickets.
    • If someone places a lot of orders at once, has a trading history or it’s in another way obvious that he or she is not buying tickets for him/herself or friends, Rotterdam Rave will refund their order.
  • I lost my ticket(s), what now?

    Click here to go to the Eventix website to easily find your ticket(s). If this doesn’t work, send a screenshot of your bank statement including description to

  • I want to sell my ticket(s). What now?

    You can always put your ticket(s) up for offer on TicketSwap. You can do this through the link in the confirmation email. Keep in mind that the maximum asking price for a resold ticket is 120% of the original ticket price and that selling your ticket(s) to a new visitor always happens via Secure Swap.

  • Traveling to Rotterdam from abroad?

    Click here to go to our ‘Travel and stay’ page for our recommendations.

    Feel free to send an email on with your plans when you need some help.


  • What is the minimum age to get in?

    The minimum age to get in is 18 years old. Your identification can be checked at the entrance and people who are under 18 will be refused entrance, even if they bought a ticket.

  • What is the policy on drugs?

    The city of Rotterdam has a zero tolerance policy on drugs for clubs and festivals. Be aware your access to the event will be prohibited if the security finds any drugs on you (at the entrance or during the event).

  • Will there be lockers available?

    Yes, there are lockers available at all our events. At the Maassilo venue you can only order them on site, for the festival you can pre-order lockers via the webshop.


  • Any other questions?

    Send an email to!